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    What Is Paint Sheen Level?

    December 27, 2015

Of all the different things that you must consider when choosing colors for your home its also important to consider different paint sheens which can help create the desired effect.

Paint manufactures have created 4 different options when it comes to paint sheen level. Paint sheen level simply means the amount of shine or gloss the paint has. This can also translate to how washable the paint is and how durable it may be over time.

1) Flat Paint

Flat paint is commonly used on ceilings, the reason for this is because it has a very low light reflectance (sheen) which limits the amount of visible defects. Flat paint generally isn’t washable because there is no sheen and feels porous, flat paint should be avoid in wet areas and any where that will be touched.

2) Low Sheen Paint

This is the choice of many home owners, designers and builders. Low sheen is widely and arguably the most popular sheen level for walls due to the combination of its washability and low light reflectance. Low sheen can also be used on ceilings which have ornate cornice, VJ panels and roses as it allows for easy cleaning.

3) Semi / Stain Gloss

Semi gloss is used because it has higher washability than its low sheen counter part. Semi gloss is commonly used in bathrooms, laundries, kitchens and toilet this is because the sheen level is smoother and doesn’t allow for dirt, grim, mould and germs to harbour into the porousness of the lowsheen paints.

4) High Gloss

Gloss paint has the highest light reflectance of any of the other sheens and is best suited to high traffic and high wear areas. High gloss is extremely easy to clean and durable but this does come at a price as it will show more visible defects due to the highly light reflectance. High gloss can be used on exterior walls which makes seasonal cleaning very easy, interior doors, skirtings and frames.


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