Finding a lead paint removal contractor in Brisbane can be risky as chemical paint removal requires a lot of experience.

How Much Does It Cost To Remove Lead Based Paint In Brisbane?

Written by ghost on Nov 22, 2017


The cost or price to removal lead based paint in the Brisbane area may change based on the different variables which may increase or decrease the overall cost of removing lead based paint.

When removing lead based paint the price includes full disposal of the lead based paint waste, all ground protection, chemical stripping product, technicians labour cost and clean up after paint removal.

The Process: (this is for a weatherboard house with large hardwood boards)

1. Mask off all ground area, window and applicable door openings
2. Assemble height access equipment
3. Apply lead based paint removal chemical
4. Scrap off
5. Apply second application to any stubborn areas
6. Clean up and bag all lead paint waste
7. Dispose of lead paint waste
8. Remove height access equipment
9. Finial clean up

Factors that could increase or decrease cost of removing lead based paint:

Possible additional cost of removing lead based paint:

1. In consistant test patch readings
2. Scaffolding required ( not planks and trestles but hard scaffold )
3. Internal paint removal
4. Detailed or delicate surfaces such as door frames or fire places
5. Pressed tin ceilings or VJ Ceilings
6. VJ Panel walls
7. Small projects

Possible decrease in cost of removing lead based paint:

1. Large broad surface areas
2. Travel costs.
3. Removal of windows or doors prior to stripping

Things to consider:
Lead based paint removal is a fair intensive and costly exercise however, when done properly should be seen as restorative works to an older property which the return of investment will be had over 10+ years as when painted with modern paint coatings will last 10+ years without the need of repainting. This in turn increases the overall value of the properly.

Price To Remove Lead Based Paint

$6,000 – $10,000 : Post war home on stumps full coating removal of weatherboards
$15,000 – $22,000 : Full coating removal of two story queenslander style highest home
$110 Per Sqm : Is the average cost to remove lead based paint from broad wall areas.
$350.00 : General price to strip an old door – must be stripped off site
$150.00 : General price to strip an old casement window – must be stripped off site

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