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    Ensuring Your Exterior Paint Lasts!

    December 27, 2015

Exterior paintwork maintenance •

Regularly inspect the exterior of your property to ensure you are on top of any changes or irregularities such as timber splitting, cracking and nails popping. If you notice any issues such as peeling, blistering or flaking paint or any other problems that are calling out for repair be sure to have a professional Brisbane painting contractor look at the issue and recommend how to move forward without having to wait until the problem gets any worse.

Its important to check any areas regularly that are painted in darker colours. Darker colours attract the heat of the sun and retain the heat for a longer period of time. This heat can cause the substrate to expand and contract at higher levels than lightly coloured areas. This can cause splitting, cracking, peeling, flaking, blistering and surface warping.

All window sills and door frames need to be checked for bubbles and fading.  These features may need to be sanded back and re-painted with one coat to maintain that brand new look every two years. After you have checked for any problem areas or repairs it is important to note how dirty the exterior is.  It is essential to occasionally wash down your exterior as dirt begins to collect.  The more frequently you do this, the less the build up. Annual washing is often stipulated as a condition of warranties provided by paint manufacturers and painting applicators.

Please note that high-pressure washing can actually damage your paint finish. It is recommended to carry out normal pressure washing with your garden hose and a soft brush to loosen dirt.  This will brighten your paint finish considerably. Be proactive in your exterior maintenance, This will ensure your paint job lasts more years and will decrease the need for frequent re-painting. Failure to undertake proactive maintenance, particularly the failure to annually wash exterior surfaces may void the warranty provided by the paint manufacturer and painting applicators.