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    Taking Care Of Your New Interior Paint

    December 27, 2015

You have just made a worth while investment, which has the potential to protect your biggest investment for up to 15 years, Its the equivalent of getting a brand new car! It will leave you feeling refreshed and you may sometimes just catch yourself admiring how good it looks when mowing the lawn. The most important part of a paint job is what happens after your painter has left the work site, It all depends on how you care of the paint coating. The maintenance of a building coating system is essential to keeping the building looking great. By maintaining your new paint work will naturally extend the life span of the paint and intern protect materials that your house is made from.

Here are our tips on maintaining and taking care of your paint job:

•The recommended time to clean after a paint job is 3 weeks after application of the final top coat – this is to remove any dust which has been collected.
•Remember that different paints get used in different areas so some paints will be more washable than others. Any areas with Gloss are highly washable, Lowsheen are moderately washable and Flat / Matt are Low to None washability.
•Washable areas can be cleaned by mixing a mild soap solution ( sugar soap ), Using a sponge lightly rub the areas that have any light stains or marks. Any stains that have had the time to dry will generally become stubborn to remove and if to remove will require heavy scrubbing, this can and or will result in permanent damage to the paint work. Note that depending on the type of paint used on your property and the sheen level you may or may not be able to use additional cleaning chemicals. Some chemicals will soften the paint layer along with the stubborn stain resulting in permanent damage.
•To prevent stubborn stains damaging your new paint ensure any stains or marks are cleaned up before they dry which will prevent drying and becoming permanent.
•Frequent cleaning helps maintain the look of the paint job and it is recommended to clean and wash walls once a month.
•For areas prone to dirt and marks, e.g. Children’s rooms, it is recommended to get a single coat of paint done every 18 months.
•It is essential that you frequently check your walls for any signs of cracking, peeling or blistering as this can be the first sign of more serious problems such as water damage. As soon as you notice any problem areas it is essential to get the professional advice from a painting contractor and attend to any damage immediately to prevent more serious problems.
•Any areas exposed to sunlight, especially windows and door frames, will naturally lose shine over time.  It is recommended to apply a single coat every 18 months to keep them looking fresh


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