• Our Story

Glenn Brien started his career as a professional painter in 2001 when he joined his father’s business – S & A Painting. Steve, Glenn’s father, was a natural hard working man, who would not have allowed his son waste time at school if his attitude was not there in studies; and he made it so.

Glenn, not a top type of student, left formal school studies at an early age of 15, and joined his father in the painting business. He was baptized into the trade quite early and learnt the tricks of the game standing close to his father in the field.

Initially, as it happens with all young men, Glenn was at a loss being a young boy of 15, but he was quick to learn. As Glenn started early, so his father inculcated the traits of a reliable tradesperson in him to enable him to differentiate between the right and the wrong way; and Glenn chose the way to grow.

From the very beginning, Steve allowed Glenn to do things in his way and to learn from his self experiences. It had one condition that if he commits a mistake, he will have to own it up to put it straight, in other words, “pay the piper” as Steve used to tell him quite often.

After five years, Steve gave the day to day control of S & A Painting to Glenn. He was made to manage the daily operations. He was also responsible for finding the work. Glenn, after made into a skilful Brisbane painter in last five years, took the opportunity with great zeal and learnt fast to become an independent entrepreneur, which would not have been possible if he had just “been on the tools” standing under the shadow of his father.

Glenn worked for almost five years with his father, wherein he was responsible for soliciting work with new customers, and he was good in getting accounts that gave challenging assignments with minimum downtime.

Then Something Changed…

As Glenn worked and got older in the trade, his father slowly retired from active life, and Glenn was made to work out his path and to choose his own means. Fortunately, after working with his father for long Glenn learnt all he could to become a successful painting entrepreneur. His father imparted the killing instinct in Glenn to enable him to prosper in the chaotic business times of today, and Glenn passed the test of time with flying colors.

When one door closes another door opens…

Glenn was never contented with present and worked earnestly to build a painting business that is not only efficient but also sustainable. He realized quite early that to make it happen; he will have to do things in ways that he has never done before.

For this, he needed professional training, unfortunately not his area of expertise being hands-on field man. But he took his weakness as a challenge and realized that he needed a new set of skills to operate as a professional Brisbane painting contractor.

Glenn started reading everything that was relevant, and he could lay his hands on. It included the books on preparing estimates, preparing safety sheets, making professional offers, etc. He was a man obsessed with insatiable desire to learn.Brisbane-Painter To further pursue his ambitions, he joined the Dulux Accredited Program and worked hard to become the youngest member in its 15-year history. He got the prestigious honor to become a part of their advisory board panel to help guide Dulux to take the program in the right direction, no small achievement for a high school drop out.

At the time, Glenn got an opportunity to be a part of some of the early advisory board meetings which is where he met Josh Phegan, a real estate coach with a strong reputation in the field. His works as a real state coach were regarded as groundbreaking. He had crafted training material which turned the traditional focus of customer service on its head. Glenn read all the books by Josh and even took the famous three days intensive training course – Blueprint.

That’s when the penny dropped!

Glenn started his business life as a teenager who learnt the trade working with his hands in the field. Out of his talent and hard work, he grew to enter a professional business world that was guided by complex business transactions, needed to maintain customer satisfaction, to develop efficient workflow system; the list was endless.

He competed in a business world where everyone has their way of doing things in a way that is unique, which in the beginning left Glenn thoroughly confused. But instead of losing to his weaknesses, he instead thought to himself “Why worry about what others are doing? Why not focus on making my business as good as I can“.

It was the right turning point for Glenn that has always made him conceive, try and then test the validity of his thoughts on what other are doing, never losing the uniqueness on the way.

It is when Surepaint was born.

When you will meet Glenn, you will realize that there is something in him that makes him different from others. His passion for doing only the best will surely impress you. He is madly in love with what he does, and he loves to chat but in an organized way, never without specific agenda so as to be able to understand the client needs in the first instance and then customize the best solutions to meet them.

So, here is what Glenn is all about, a under 30 business owner, who is passionate about being a Brisbane painting contractor and who loves to challenge the way things are normally done.

Until we meet next time,

Glenn Brien