March 28, 2017

How Much Does It Cost To Stain / Recoat A Timber Deck In Brisbane?

The cost of staining or recoating a timber deck in the Brisbane area may change based on your decks requirements. Timber deck staining or recoating should be incorporated into your properties annual maintenance plans in order to lower the initial cost.

When determining a price to stain or recoat a timber deck its important to understand a few different variables which will impact on the finial price. 

  1. Number Of Coats
    – The number of coats your deck needs to stay protected until you plan to recoat it. Will it need 1 coat or 3 coats?
  2. Type Of Decking Product
    – What type of decking product was used on your deck previously? Keep in mind that to change products may lead to a fully sanding the deck back.
  3. What Condition Is The Current Deck Coating In?
    – Some decking stains and blister and peel others simply fade away. The current condition of the coating is an important factor when pricing any decking project.

The process required when undertaking works on a timber deck

The Process:

  • Protect adjacent areas to decking
  • Wash and scrub deck with cleaning solution
  • Lightly sand decking boards
  • Repunch nails which are popped or raised ( minimal )
  • Apply two coats of premium exterior stain with UV protection
  • Clean up

Factors that could increase or decrease cost of the staining or recoating a timber deck

possible additional cost added:

  • Extremely dirty and mouldy deck
  • Decking boards need replacement
  • Really small deck
  • Heavy sanding required
  • Punching of all decking nails

possible decrease in cost to stain or recoat a timber deck:

  • Deck is clean and free of mould
  • Heavy sanding not required
  • One coat application
  • Client knows previous decking product used

The cost to stain or recoat a timber deck:

Small rear patio deck

$300.00 – $450.00

Standard front patio deck

$700.00 – $1000.00

Larger rear deck

$1300.00 – $2500.00

* The above all include premium decking products such as Intergrain Natural Stain



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