How Much Does It Cost To Paint The Interior Of A House In Brisbane?

How Much Does It Cost To Paint The Interior Of A House In Brisbane

How Much Does It Cost To Paint The Interior Of A House In Brisbane?

The cost or price to paint the interior of a house in the Brisbane area can vary however the overall process generally will stay the same. For a standard plasterboard home the process is simple and quiet inexpensive however as the requirements change and the project becomes more detailed, the price will increase accordingly.

The Process:

  • Protect floors, furniture and carpets
  • Remove picture hooks and items no longer needed
  • Clean mould and grease if applicable
  • Lightly sand walls, trims and doors
  • Prime bare areas or old enamel paints
  • Repair holes, dents and cracks to walls, ceilings, trims & doors
  • Apply two coats of premium interior acrylic to walls and ceilings
  • Apply two coats of premium gloss acrylic to trims and doors
  • Quality check work conducted
  • Clean up

Factors that could increase or decrease cost of the painting the interior of a house:

possible additional cost added:

  • Extremely dirty surfaces
  • Deep imperfections, holes, scratches etc
  • Items to be removed – Blinds, furniture etc
  • Un-primed walls, trims and doors ( requires full primer coat )
  • Colour ( dark colours and extremely bright colours require multiple coats )
  • Use of oil paint instead of acrylic
  • Caulking of VJ boards
  • Vj Boards, block or brick, pressed tin
  • Painting of just one room

possible decrease in cost to paint the interior of a house:

  • Multiple rooms, means our painters don’t have to wait on drying time which allows an efficient work flow
  • Furniture and all small items removed from work area
  • Door handles, blinds and fixtures removed prior to painters arrival
  • Paint walls only
  • No carpet
  • One coat refresh to walls and ceiling

The cost of painting the interior of house in Brisbane:

 3 Bed, 2 bath, Kitchen, laundry – Plasterboard walls and ceilings

$4,500.00 – $7,000.00

4-5 Bed, 2-3 bath, Kitchen, laundry, living areas – Plasterboard walls and ceilings

$7,500.00 – $10,500.00

* The above all include premium paint such as Dulux paints.


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