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Hiring a painter you can trust is important but its important to also do your research. We would like to make that easy for you, at Surepaint believe in being straight up and down.

Below you will find the really important stuff when it comes to hiring a painter. Are they licensed? Are they insured?

Workcover QLD

All our painters and cleaners are directly employed by Surepaint. Our staff are tax file number employees and not sub contractors! This means our staff are loyal to our company and follow company instructions and processes.

Surepaint Workcover 2017

Public Liability

Public liability insurance is so important when it comes to running a business because you never know if something may go wrong, and if it does we are covered! Surepaint holds continue up to date public liability insurance up to 10 million dollars damage.

QBCC License

Every contractor in Queensland must have a QBCC ( Queensland Building & Construction Commission ) license when undertaking any works over $3,300.00. The $3,300.00 rule is a law within the building & construction industry.

Surepaint Qbcc 2017

Quality Premium Supplies

House Painter Brisbane Reviews

Our House Painter Brisbane Reviews number. We have one of the latest number of of online and offline reviews compared to any other Brisbane Painting Contractor.

Google Rating
Ray Urban
Ray Urban
07:32 12 Oct 17
Enthusiastic team and handled my work so well. I wanted my entire house painted and they did it in a small amount of time. It was so systematic and they all worked really professionally. They arrived on time and worked really well.
Luke Kwanten
Luke Kwanten
07:24 04 Oct 17
I have a real estate business which needs painters time and again. Always punctual, clean and work patiently with me. I highly recommend them and would be calling them time and again. A good bunch of people who just focus on their work and prices are affordable.
Ethan Robinson
Ethan Robinson
05:34 26 Sep 17
Surepaint is a great company with lovely people. The entire process of working with them was amazing. I called them for painting my home and it was amazing. No questions asked other than the relevant ones. Really professional people who completed their work on the given deadline.
Zoe F
Zoe F
08:19 18 Sep 17
Surepaint completed their work in just 5 days and did a fabulous job. We are really appropriate their punctuality and deliverability. It was easy to work with the painters and they listened to what we wanted and how to get things done. Love your work guys! Thanks a lot.
Zac Martin
Zac Martin
06:38 09 Sep 17
We recently got our house renovated by Surepaint in Brisbane and love what they have done. We just had to show them the place. The entire painting work and the management were well-taken care of. We did nothing but give approval of everything. I would highly recommend them for all the painting needs.
Jeannette Borham
Jeannette Borham
04:58 01 Sep 17
Surepaint just finished remodeling work at my place. It was a pleasure working with these guys and were really patient with me. Although my job was delayed due to my pre occupied schedule, but they worked with patience. Now, my living room looks bigger, better and shinier. There was no delay of work from their side and made sure everything was perfect.
Wesley Montes
Wesley Montes
06:38 24 Aug 17
I hired Surepaint for some painting and repair work in the house. It was amazing to see how professional and brilliant job they did. I would highly recommend them for all my work in the future as well. They painted every detail and now my house is all good as new.
Noah Kelly
Noah Kelly
07:45 17 Aug 17
An amazing experience with them from start to end. They get the exact color one is looking for. They understand your needs in one go and met my deadline. I will definitely hire them again and recommend them to all my friends.

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