Author - Glenn Brien

Why Ventilation Is So Important?

Moisture can accumulate and damage your roof and paint, proper ventilation can provide protection

During the past few years, homeowners have become increasingly aware of the energy savings afforded by properly venting their roof cavities. On hot summer days, the temperature inside a roof space can reach well over 60 degrees, putting additional strain on the cooling system. The use of soffit vents and ridge vents to ventilate the roof space has been well  advertised. In addition to the energy savings, a properly ventilated roof can also help protect your paint. (more…)

Why Is Caulk or ” No More Gaps” Important ?

Long considered a carpenter’s best friend for it’s ability to hide inaccurate cuts, no more gaps or “caulk” plays a crucial role in protecting the exterior of a house. The primary purpose of caulk is to provide a water and weather proof barrier. Typically, caulk is applied to joints where two pieces of construction material meet, such as where wood meets wood, or wood meets masonry. To maintain this barrier, caulk should have several key properties: flexibility, adhesion, and “memory”. (more…)