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    6 tips when painting the exterior of a traditional Queenslander.

    October 26, 2017


The iconic Queenslander home is a statement to the Brisbane heritage it depicts style, elegance and class among modern style homes. One of the many concerns homeowners face when owning a queenslander is maintenance.

When painting traditional queenslanders it’s common for us find many small issues that do tend to compound and if not addressed will create more problems down the road. The list below will help ensure your renovation or painting work is done to the best possible standard:

Rusted nails – Weatherboards are nailed into the sub frame and when the paint that protects the timber and more importantly the nails is no longer there, you will find that nails tender to rust. The rust once prepared properly can be painted over however will require a specialised coating to spot the rust from coming through your new paint work.





Reputtying – Older sash and casement windows originally had a linseed oil putty applied around the glazing. Over time this putty becomes brittle and falls apart. When repainting older sash and casement windows it’s important that all deteriorated putty is removed and reapplied.

Rubbing Windows – Older casement or sash windows that are known to stick, rub or just won’t open properly should be addressed prior to the painting process. Generally we enlist a carpenter which will inspect and adjust these items as required prior to our painters arrival.

Rotting Weatherboards – It’s critical that all rotted timber ideally be replaced, sure some areas where water rot has taken place can be dug out and treated however in the long term the most cost effective option is to replace any rotted weatherboards.

Staircases & Balustrades – This one ties into the rotting weatherboards but also addressed exterior timber staircases & balustrades. It’s important that the stair treads, hand rails and posts are in good condition. Look for rusted nails in the balustrade as well!

Exterior Mould & Grime – By washing the house down regularly will keep the current paint in good condition but the main thing it will do is remove and mould and grime. When the house is clean it’s easier to see what needs attention.
We a traditional Queenslander has just been painted with the right colour scheme it completely transforms the property and increases the value! Whilst all this is great it’s important to remember attention the detail, the job needs to be done properly. So that being said, if the windows are rubbing, the weatherboards are still rotted and the painter has painted over mould and grime then it’s fair to say to have all this fixed will cost more in the long run.


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