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    24 Things Brisbane Painters Wish They Could Tell Their Customers

    March 30, 2017


We recently asked a group of painters on one of the social media groups we belong too tell us a few things they wish they could tell their customers before starting a painting project.

The question we asked was:

If you could tell customers one or two things that would enable the project to move along smoothly, what would it be?

(their answers as as follows and are unedited, names have been hidden to protect the painters)

  1. Patience. That’s the one thing I go through so much “When will it be done?” This deadline? Ect. I tell all customers that “You can’t rush art” It takes time to complete the project, like a blossoming flower opening.
  2. Have colors picked out two days before so that paint can be ready one day in advance and no last minute color changes
  3. Don’t criticize the paint job until we let you know the project is 100% complete and we’re ready for a walk through.
  4. I would beg them to please not have alot of furniture in the way…put away their laundry..and it doesn’t hurt to dust or even wipe your own stuff down every five years or so
  5. Move your own furniture,Have the deposit before I start.
  6. Small, delicate, sentimental items out of room, books off bookshelves, and art work off walls. We’ll move/reset the rest.
  7. 1.Good, Fast, Cheap.
  8. Pick two.
  9. You can’t have all three.
  10. 2. Good remodeling is expensive, bad remodeling is very expensive.
  11. 1. Have a solid way my crews can get in your house each day.
  12. 2. Be prepared to be on-site for the final walk through  
  13. In order for your project to run efficiently and effectively as possible, we ask that you remove small and fragile objects, remove all wall decorations and empty closets & or bookshelves. If you would like your project to move even quicker, we recommended that you move as much furniture away from the walls as possible.
  14. be absolutely dead set on your color selection
  15. – animals must be contained
  16. – all small objects out of the areas I will be in
  17. – give me a key or garage code
  18. – clear the surrounding wash basin area
  19. – do not attempt to patch or caulk to speed up the process
  20. – you will receive daily updates as to where I will be working in your home, please plan accordingly around my schedule
  21. Please don’t follow the painters around the home
  22. On exteriors, all pet waste in yard must be picked up. Fragile plants must be staked or protected. Hanging containers and wood piles must be moved. Over grown plants must be cut back. Move vehicles away from work area. Decks must be cleared off.
  23. get out of my crew s way, do not feed them, do be nice.
  24. Communication about other contractors to allow for proper scheduling.



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